sexy zone yobisute
im planning to use sexy zone's yobisute as my ringtone
but i only want its music without the sexy zone sing that song..
so does anyone know where can i get it..

thank you very much

Itadaki High Jump
can some share me a good link to watch the latest episode of itadaki high jump..
im already looking it at dailymotion...
but still could not find it..

Itadaki High Jump
i just wonder what happen to itadaki high jump..
why i cannot see anyone upload the latest episode?
can somebody tell me? if the show is still on going where can i get the latest episode?

Itadaki High Jump
Hey Say Jump Variety become more interesting.... haha
i hope someone will sub it...

my first entry
hello everybody out there....
well i don't know what i am going to write or share on here...
hahaha~~~ frankly speaking i don't know how to use "LIVEJOURNAL" at all

How about me introduce my self first...
hajimemashite... my name is siti Maisarah...20 years old
my favorite singer or idol group are mostly from japan... well some of them are from korea to :P
but my ichiban is hey say jump... now and forever.. :)

originally coming from a very small country called "Malaysia"
my country was not really famous as the other country
but... since the incident of the missing of the Airplane MH 370...
my country become so famous around the globe... i guess~~
talking about that incident.. i just hope that all the passenger are still alive (keep the finger crossed)

well that all that i can share a little bit about me...
from now on i will try to explore more about how to used live journal efficiencly :)

yoroshiku onegaishimasu


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